Centralize customer feedback and insights

Gather and enrich customer feedback to uncover the customer's most pressing needs and confidently know what to build next.

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Gather all customer data in one location

Connect to your existing tools to generate a 360˚ view of your customer.

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Don’t lose valuable customer feedback

Feature requests & feedback can easily get lost among support requests and spreadsheets. Use Cadet to organize everything in one place.

Back product decisions with actual data

Don't let your intuition drive product decisions. Use actual data to be sure what you are building is what your customers want.

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Easily collaborate with your customers

Use Cadet to collaborate with your customers in real-time and let them know you are listening to their feedback.

Mark morse
Cadet has enabled us to prioritize our roadmap more efficiently, and understand what our customers are looking to accomplish on our platform. I love it.
Mark Morse

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